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Comment spam is a constant nuisance to every blog owner. Movable Type is an excellent tool for having a blog, but it's also very popular - which makes it a prime target for spammers. Fortunately the newer versions have SpamLookup, a good tool to fight spam.

I haven't seen many comment spam blacklists around, so I thought I'd publish mine. My keyword list has a bunch of regular expressions that block lots of spam. Not everything, definitely, but most of the common stuff: porn, debt consolidation, pharmacy and so on. This is for SpamLookup, but works with any keyword filter that understands regular expressions.

Installing the list is simple: just copy-paste it to the SpamLookup keyword filter. These are pretty safe for junking comments, but if your blog discusses finance, pharmacy or sex, you'll need to remove some stuff, otherwise conversation will be severely stiffled. Non-English blogs have it easier here.

These are all regular expressions, as this gives so much more power to the keywords. For example, /free(\s*|-)porn/i is much better than free porn, as it will catch several forms more: freeporn, free-porn and free porn.

Any good suggestions? It's best to send those by email to, because SpamLookup might just want to eat them... I'll try and update the list every now and then as spam trends shift.

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