It's a boy!

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My son was born today, just seven minutes past midnight. He's small, cute and seems to enjoy sleeping quite a lot. I don't know what to say, it was simply an amazing experience seeing the birth and the first few moments, my son and his mother together. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

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Garry said:

Many congratulations. Make the most of the sleeping, it won't last ;-)

Iain Cheyne said:

Fantastic! Only three years to go and you'll be playing games with him.

Ken Rumsey said:

Congratulations Mikko! All my best to you and your family!!!

Mark Haberman said:


Larry Levy said:

Wonderful news, Mikko! Glad that everyone is healthy and hearty. Time to get that Haba order in NOW! :-)

Mikko Saari said:

Thanks! What comes to the Haba order, I did one already =)

Jeff said:

Congratulations, Mikko!

Congratulations! Your first?

Mary Weisbeck said:

Congratulations, papa and mama. And Happy Birthday to your son.

coldfoot said:

Congrats. Is he playing Settlers yet?

Mikko Saari said:

Yes, he's our first. And no, I was kind of thinking of starting him with directly with the good stuff, Age of Steam and so. Get a better start, you know...

Well, seriously, I am thinking about starting his Go lessons when he's four or so. I hear it's very good practise for the developing brain.

Naturelich said:

Congratulations from Germany
All the best to your son, your wife and you.

Doug Adams said:

Congratulations Mikko.

jacob said:

Wow! I don't know you, but I'm happy for you! Thank you for sharing your joy.

Gert-Jan said:

Enjoy the new joy! Congratulations.
Maybe you can try this game someday,
to develop his mouse refelexes ;-)

Jack said:

Congrats Mikko. Make the most of the of the peace quiet...

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