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maaliskuu 16, 2004

Stephen King: Wolves of the Calla

"Roland listened to it all, nodding occasionally. He said almost nothing. And when Overholser was finally finished, Calla Bryn Sturgis's big farmer simply looded with a kind of fixed fascination at the gunman who stood before him. Mostly at those faded blue eyes.

'Are ye what ye say?' he asked finally. 'Tell me true, sai.'

'I'm Roland of Gilead', the gunslinger said. 'From the line of Eld?' Ye do say it?'

'By watch and warrant', Roland said.

'But Gilead...' Overholser paused. 'Gilead is long gone.'

''I', Roland said, 'am not.'"

Laura 16.03.04 18:16