Thomas Pynchon: Gravity's Rainbow

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Gravity's Rainbow is a heavy book, in many ways. It was a very slow read; I read English usually pretty swiftly, but this one took me a long time. I can't say I understood it all, either. Still, I found it quite charming and the basic plot was enough to keep me hanging on.

So, what's it about? World War 2, German rockets, hunting some mysterious rocket stuff around Germany right after the war, psychics, drugs, basically whatever has popped to Pynchon's mind. It takes several readings and some help to make sense of everything. The fact that the book has, what, few hundred characters certainly doesn't help things.

There are interesting digressions, pornographic scenes, bits that have you laughing out loud, all sorts of things going on. It's a rough ride, but I'd say Gravity's Rainbow is a book worth experiencing. [ Gravity's Rainbow at ] [ Gravity's Rainbow at LibraryThing ]

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