Nicholas Gurewitch: The Perry Bible Fellowship : The Trial of Colonel Sweeto and Other Stories

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The Perry Bible Fellowship has long been one of my favourite online comics. The author has a brilliantly twisted sense of humour and a good sense of style. PBF is PBF, even though the illustrations vary a lot between strips, as Gurewitch experiments with different styles and techniques.

This book compiles almost hundred pages worth of strips: not all of them, but most. Few of my personal favourites are missing, yet I'm quite satisfied with the collection. There's some material that's previously unpublished, but it's nothing really interesting. So, if you've already read everything that's on the web site and don't want to buy stuff you've already read, this book offers very little. However, I'm rather glad to have it on my bookshelves.

If you've never heard of Perry Bible Fellowship, I envy you: you have a world of sickly sweet pleasure to explore. Check the web site or buy the book: whichever you do, you won't be disappointed. [ The Perry Bible Fellowship: Trial of Colonel Sweeto and Other Stories at ]The Perry Bible Fellowship: Trial of Colonel Sweeto and Other Stories at LibraryThing ]

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