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From Booking through Thursday:

  • Pick up the nearest book. (I'm sure you must have one nearby.)
  • Turn to page 123.
  • What is the first sentence on the page?
  • The last sentence on the page?
  • Now . . . connect them together....

Actually, I had to travel all the way to our living room and bookshelf to find a book. I grabbed Sheri Tepper's Sideshow. Let's see, bold is Tepper, rest is me:

"Where's Jum?" asked Metty suddenly. Jum was nowhere to be found, and he had just stood next to Metty. The bloody fog was really getting thick. Metty sat down, miserable. "We need to find Jum", she said, hanging her head, "we can't leave him behind."

"I'll go find him, he can't be far", Jacent said and brandished his flashlight. After just few steps to the direction where they had come from, a faint trace of light was all that was visible of Jacent. With the light it didn't take him long to find Jum. Jum's batteries had run out and he couldn't move anymore. Silent as he was, he couldn't cry for help either. Jacent sighed. The fog was getting troublesome, and it started to look like they would have to stay here until Jum could recharge his batteries from sunlight. That would take a while... Jacent would find Metty and tell her.

That took a bit of twisting... not very compatible phrases. I have no clue whatsover who all those people are and how my little story line fits in with the original book, since it's on my TBR list and I haven't read it yet.

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