Sid Sackson: Card Games Around the World

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This small book by the game design guru Sid Sackson describes over 60 card games from around the world. The selection is interesting and there are many interesting and important games listed. Some of the games are hopelessly common, though - I see little point in describing games like Cribbage, Rummy and Old Maid. That is space better used for more unusual games.

What's perhaps most interesting is the section of new games. There are four games included there, two by Sackson himself and two by his friends. These are certainly unusual and worth taking a look at. Despite the lack of historical information and the flaws of the selection, this small book is a worthy addition to any card game book library. It also has one of the clearest explanations of Skat I've ever read. [ Card Games Around the World (Dover Books on Magic) at ]Card Games Around the World at LibraryThing ]

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