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Do you want to sell something with a web site, but aren't satisfied with your sales? You know your copy could use some editing, but aren't sure how to proceed. Worry not! Writing killer web copy is easy when you know the secrets of doing it right. In this book, Maria Veloso reveals the secret of writing web copy that sells, and all you need to do is to buy this book and you too can sell like a pro.

If this book works, that should motivate you all to go buy this book. Well, I don't know how effective the teachings of this book are, but Veloso certainly appears qualified (it's hard to find anything non-commercial about her in the web) and presents a clear, easy-to-follow formula of writing web copy. The ideas seem effective and Veloso's writing is enthusiastic - though at least to my eyes the book seems a tad pushy and aggressive in selling it's ideas, but perhaps I'm not just to used to the American style of direct marketing (I have a feeling that marketing in Finland is considerably less aggressive).

So, if you have web copy to write, reading this book won't hurt and will likely improve your copy, especially if you're interested in the advertorial style of copywriting and write for a web site that's purely dedicated to selling something. [ Web Copy That Sells - The Revolutionary Formula for Creating Killer Copy Every Time at ] [Web Copy That Sells at LibraryThing ]

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