Steve Erickson: The Sea Came in at Midnight

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Kristin, 17 years old, runs from home just before the end of the millennium. Kristin responds to a curious classified ad and finds a new home living with an apocalyoptologist. This researcher of the end of the world has the new millennium starting at the May 1968 in Paris.

The book is quite a firework assembly. The events mix and shuffle a pack of characters whose paths get close to each other but never quite touch. The whole book is like a puzzle, and the pieces click - no, they slam hard - together as the story goes. What is it all about? I most certainly don't know, but it was fun to read nevertheless. This book is best read fairly quickly, because otherwise you'll lose track of who's who. [ The Sea Came in at Midnight at ]The Sea Came in at Midnight at LibraryThing ]

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