Naomi Novik: Temeraire / His Majesty's Dragon

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This book is Temeraire in UK and His Majesty's Dragon in US.

Will Laurence, a captain in the English Navy, captures a French frigate and finds a dragon egg in the hold. A precious prize, but unfortunately it's ready to hatch and Laurence is weeks from the closest port. When a dragon hatches, it needs to be harnessed by its future master, and that person is the only one the dragon will accept.

The officers draw lots over who will harness the dragon, because it's a strong commitment that will stop a career in Navy, prevent life in society and cancel any dreams of proper marriage. Of course, it's Will who ends up as the master of Temeraire the dragon. He has to kiss his Navy career goodbye and join the Air Corps, full of curious characters and unusual habits.

The Napoleonic Wars serve an ideal background for this novel. This is perfect entertainment: light and quick to read, but also funny, smart and touching. The main characters in the book are particularly charming. Will Laurence is an English officer and a gentleman, stiff and clinging to his formalities and upper-class manners. Temeraire is an intelligent, curious and quirky, a wonderful character that many readers will love in with.

This is a first book of series and plenty of time is spent in the boot camp, when Will and Temeraire learn the rules of aerial combat. The book skirts around the worst military training cliches, but at times the plot is a bit predictable. I don't mind, because there are plenty of interesting twists and the story is good. In the end, there's some actual fighting action, too.

I've already ordered the second book in the series, and that's rare - but I haven't been able to get it from BookMooch (part three is already waiting), and I must have it. [ Temeraire (Temeraire 1) [a.k.a. His Majesty's Dragon] at ]Temeraire at LibraryThing ]

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