Richard Matheson: I Am Legend

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Apocalyptic horror books don't get much better than this. I Am Legend is a story of Richard Neville, the last human on earth, surrounded by monsters. Not zombies, this time, but vampires: blood-thirsty beasts seeking Neville's life. He has a house turned into a fortress, and during days he goes around driving stakes through the creatures - just to find new ones at his door come evening.

It's an exciting story that wastes no space: the book is just 160 pages or so. It's full on action (and research, as Neville tries to figure out what is was that turned everybody else to a vampire), armed with a clever philosophical twist: if you're the only living person in a world of vampires, then who actually is the monster and deviant? Who is normal? Excellent stuff, really, this is a true classic.

What is really curious is why on earth this wasn't translated in Finnish before? My friend got a good catch here with his small independent publishing house, especially with the new major movie too. The book won the 2008 T√§htivaeltaja award for the best science fiction book published in Finnish, and for a good reason. (Review based on the Finnish translation.) [ I Am Legend (S.F. Masterworks) at ]I Am Legend at LibraryThing ]

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