Kroko: Furia

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Kroko: FuriaCD, Verdura 2001

Track list: On Fahrenheit And Little Bit Celsius - Ambient Ballad pt. I - Polanski After Ski - On The Sunny Side Of The Meat - Agent Weird - Liero - Bad Day For Mr. Rudiment - Sol Ist - Budala Ptiza - Bummärtti - Fire Will Bring Me Home It's What My Soul Needs - Trukki - In Your Fratze - Sweet Home Albamama - Colors + Rainbows + Teddybears - Setzur Au Naturelle - Ambient Ballad pt. II - Roikkuu Katosta

This albums starts with someone snoring and being waken by an alarm clock, after which starts the second track, Ambient Ballad pt. I. The title is some irony, as the song is quite noisy. And that's what describes the rest of album, as well. Noisy. Some of the tracks are recorded in studio, many are recorded live, some are planned, some are improvised. All are instrumental. There's one that is seven minutes long, many which are short noise bursts under one minute. Sound is generally distorted, loud and rough. There are few easier, softer tracks, but most often the sound is violent. ****

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Six months later:
Four stars is good. It's definitely not five, and three isn't good enough for this. I haven't listened to this one much, but I've got a warm feeling from the fact it's in my collection. It's not an album I'd like to listen often, as it demands a lot (a lot more extreme example of the same phenomenen is Merzbow - I'm very happy to have 1930, but it still doesn't mean I'm going to listen to it more than very rarely).****


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