CMX: Pohjoista leveyttä

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CMX: Pohjoista leveyttäCDs, EMI 2002

Track list: Pohjoista leveyttä - Kolme kimaltavaa neitoa - Väkivallan moottorit

This new single promises an interesting album on the way. The title track reminds me pleasantly of their earlier Aurinko album, which I like a lot. A return to their roots, perhaps? "Kolme kimaltavaa neitoa" is a slower ballad, and not really that interesting. Nice, but nothing special. "Väkivallan moottorit" is definitely single b-side material: it's a heavy metal track, not really album material but possible live hit. All in all, the single is very promising! ****

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Six Months Later:
Well, the album kept the promises. Unfortunately, the band didn't play "Väkivallan moottorit" when I saw them play later. "Pohjoista leveyttä" is a great song, but the rest of it isn't that top-notch. So, let's drop one star: ***


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