Drake, Nick: Five Leaves Left

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Nick Drake: Five Leaves LeftCD, Island 2000 (1970)

Track list: Time Has Told Me - River Man - Three Hours - Way to Blue - Day Is Done - 'Cello Song - The Thoughts of Mary Jane - Man in a Shed - Fruit Tree - Saturday Sun

Five Leaves Left is an album full of beautiful, melancholic folk songs. The arrangements are elegant and where Nick Drake's acoustic guitar is complemented with other instruments, it's done with great effect. Just listen to the dramatic sadness of the strings in "Way to Blue", for example. While I find Drake's later offering, Bryter Layter, a bit better with it's richer sound, Five Leaves Left is a very strong album too. ****

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Six Months Later:
I think I've listened more to Bryter Layter, which is definitely closer to my heart. Still, it doesn't make Five Leaves Left any worse. If you like the genre, it is an excellent choice. ****


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