Suruaika: Avointen hautojen päivä

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Suruaika: Avointen hautojen päiväCD, Plastic Passion 2002

Track list: Syvemmälle - Yksin - Haudan syleilyyn - Tuhat valkoista yötä - Syksy saapuu - Suruaika - Spiraali - Käärme kuiskaa - Miksi uhrasit rakkautemme? - Patricida

Suruaika ("Time of sadness") has finally released their debut album. I bought it despite the somewhat poor review it got and I must say I wasn't disappointed. Judged objectively, the songs are perhaps bit silly and definitely old-fashioned, in a bad 80's way. I still can't help enjoying. Some songs can be taken more seriously, for example the opening track, which borrows heavily from Pornography-era The Cure, is a quite fine song. In the other hand, there are tracks like "Syksy saapuu", which fall definitely to the camp department, they are simply too bad to be taken seriously. The album balances between being tongue-in-cheek and serious, you can take it either way. It's your call, I can enjoy it both ways. ***

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Six Months Later:
You'll have to be able to laugh at yourself if you want to like this album. But I can - and that's why I think I just might give it an extra star. It's, strangely, at the same time a quite a good goth album and still very humorous music. There aren't many albums that can do both this well. ****


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