Circle: Sunrise

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Circle: SunriseCD, Ektro 2002

Track list: Nopeuskuningas - Satulinnut - Hautain takaa - Vaanen valtiatar - Kylän suurin miekka - Rautakotka - Paholaisratsastaja - Lokki

The new album by these Finnish masters of hypnotic rock music starts of with a surprisingly hard rock -ish track "Nopeuskuningas". And there's no turning back, Sunrise is a heavy metal album! Well, the second track, "Satulinnut", sounds very much like Kuusumun profeetta - it could almost be lifted from their album. Mika Rättö makes a strong appearance, so if you don't like his should I say curious vocal style, avoid this one. His presence on just about every album is a bit of a question mark, but I like him anyway. *****

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Juha Kerätär said:

Atypical Circle if you ask me. Rättö does bring a lot more life into the band, but "Satulinnut" for example is completely out of place on a Circle album. A good Kuusumun profeetta song though. Sunrise is very good record anyway, refreshing change in it´s heavy metal glory from Prospekt, Andexelt and Taantumus.

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