Rautiainen, Timo & Trio Niskalaukaus: Lumessakahlaajat

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Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus: LumessakahlaajatCDs, Ranka Recordings 2002

Track list: Lumessakahlaajat - Kova maa (live) - Tie

Lumessakahlaajat is the third single from the latest Trio Niskalaukaus album. Besides the title song, which is very good, among the best tracks of the album, there are two songs. "Kova maa" is also familiar from the album. This version was recorded live at Provinssirock festival and it features Jarkko Martikainen doing some guest vocals. Third song, "Tie" is a cover, performed earlier by Sakari Kuosmanen. All in all, a decent single, but doesn't have as good bonus tracks as the "Surupuku" single. ***

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... said:

Lumessakahlaajat is very good single!! Its sound is great, it's real Hevy music, with the big H. When you listen Lumessakahlaajat -single its just music to your ears!!! Timo Rautiaise's voice is suitable with sound. Timo Rautiaise's voice is soft and sometimes it just goes in to trance when you listen that voice.
The whole single is on of the BEST single which ever has been heart in Earth!!!!

xxxxee said:

Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus is the best band ever

Finn said:

Actually Rautiainen's (Timo Rautiainen) song goes a bit like this...


Se pommikoneiden aalto
yllä tuon uinuvan maan
ajoi hiljaisen, harmaan kulkueemme
lumeen kahlaamaan
ensin sai jokainen nähdä
sen maailmanpalonsa
oli miehen jokaisen poltettava
oma talonsa

aina kun tulitus loppuu
taas jatkaa taivallustaan
ryhmä vaivainen, joka ehdi ei
jäädä taakseen katsomaan
kun loppumattomaan lumeen
hautautui pikkuveli
taivaan verenpunasta kuvastui
se naurava pyöveli

kuolemanpataljoonat kulkee takana
edessämme on maisema kuin lakana
meidän leirimme täytyy
muuttaa uudelleen
joko rajan yli tai taivaaseen

and in english it ~could~ be told like this (I don't try to rhyme it)

"Paddles in the snow"

That fleet of bombers
over that sleeping land
drove our silent, gray procession
to paddle in the snow
first everybody saw
their world to burn
every man had to burn their
own home

every time the firing stops
again continues the travel (of)
group miserable, witch has no time to look back
when into endless snow
little brother was buried
from the blood red sky reflected
that laughing executioner

batallion of death walk after us
in front of us the landscape is like a sheet (meaning as white as the snow)
we have to move our camp again
either over the border or to heaven

I feel this is a sad sad song about the Winter War when the russians attacked Finland back in -39 and that the people had to leave their homes in a hurry so great, that they couldn't even recover the dead with them.

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