Waits, Tom: Alice

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Tom Waits: AliceCD, Anti 2002

Track list: Alice - Everything You Can Think - Flower's Grave - No One Knows I'm Gone - Kommienezuspadt - Poor Edward - Table Top Joe - Lost in the Harbour - We're All Mad Here - Watch Her Disappear - Reeperbahn - I'm Still Here - Fish & Bird - Barcarolle - Fawn

These songs are over ten years old, but they are new recordings. Alice is much more gentle album than it's companion Blood Money: jazz ballads, waltzes, theatrical music. This is also originally theatrical work, for a play loosely about Alice Liddell, the original Alice in Wonderland. This one's for those, who like the gentle blues ballad side of Tom Waits. Alice, for example, is quite remarkable song. Great work, simply put. *****

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