Ajattara: Itse

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Ajattara: ItseCD, Spikefarm 2001

Track list: Yhdeksäs - Verivalta - Musta aurinko - Kuolevan rukous - Ägräs - Murhamiesi - Tulessa - Manan lapset - Rajan takaa - Vihan musta tanssi

While Amorphis has slowly eased up on the death metal element, grunting vocals and all that, Ajattara, a side project of the Amorphis vocalist Pasi Koskinen is definitely something else. Ajattara's music is mostly medium-tempo black metal with some synths thrown into spice things. The lyrics, sung in Finnish, are excellent and what's best, sung so well you can actually hear them without consulting the booklet. Itse is very catchy album, with many excellent, if a bit simple songs. *****

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Sin's Zenith said:

Like a cruel Satan's hammer this album.. Absolutely brilliant in all of it's brutality and carnal determination!

Hallaa said:

Very Great Black Metal, I'd say. It sounds like hell is on fire.

HerrZorn said:


one of the best BM-Albums existing

Juha Kerätär said:

Definitely best Finnish black metal in a long time, especially for one who really isn´t into the classic black metal style. Frighteningly intense stuff, Pasi Koskinen puts out a completely different face as Ruoja, than as "himself" in Amorphis. And the lyrics simply rock, not your usual black metal fare...

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