Electric Hellfire Club: Unholy Roller

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Electric Hellfire Club: Unholy RollerCD, Cleopatra 1998

Track list: Unholy Roller, He Who Holds the Lightning Rod (Ranchero ReMix), Prince of Darkness (Black Version), Hellfire (Cytophuk ReMix), Prince of Darkness (Mutated Mix), The Root of All Evil (Bring Me the Head of Bob Larsen), Prince of Darkness (Laughing All the Way ReMix), Shout at the Devil, Prince of Darkness (Darkest Version), Book of Lies (Ether-eal Mix)

Unholy Roller is mostly a remix album from the happy gang of camp satanists. Prince of Darkness gets many treatments, some of which are actually quite nice. Unholy Roller is a nice anthem track and Shout at the Devil an excellent cover song. It's not the best starting point (I'd suggest Burn, Baby, Burn) and I wouldn't pay much for it; I bought mine used. ***

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Six Months Later:
Yeah, three stars is pretty good. Few good tracks, but rest of it is pretty hum-drum. Also, the multiple versions of Prince of Darkness means it's pretty boring to listen through. Rip the tracks as MP3's and use that way. ***


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