Black League, The: Ichor

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The Black League: IchorCD, Spinefarm 2000

Track list: Doomwatcher - One Colour: Black - Deep Waters - Goin' to Hell - Avalon - We Die Alone - The Everlasting pt. II - Ozymandias - Blood of the Gods - Bunker King - Winter Winds Sing - Ecce Homo! - Night on Earth

The Black League features Taneli Jarva (ex-Sentenced, ex-Impaled Nazarene) and friends. The style could be heavy metal; I've filed this under death metal mostly because of Jarva's vocal style is rough and music is very bleak. Ichor is mostly rather slow (with the exception of few rockers like "One Colour: Black") and heavy, carved in stone like the beautiful booklet. Jarva's vocal style is angry and complements the music well. Recommended to all who like their metal heavy and bitter. ****

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