CMX: Aion

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CMX: AionCD, EMI Finland 2003

Track list: Pirunnyrkki - Sielunvihollinen - Melankolia - Fysiikka ei kestä - Palvelemaan konetta - Kuoleman risteyksestä kolme virstaa pohjoiseen - Kyyn pimeä puoli - Sivu paholaisen päiväkirjasta - Nahkasiipi - Ensimmäinen saattaja - Hautalinnut

Brilliant. It's that simple. Aion is a really good album. Instead of plain rock, they've taken another step towards progressive rock and other trickery. And it sounds good! There are very beautiful melodies, strange effects and heavy guitars. Works like a charm. The theme is somewhat devilish, which suits me fine. "Hautalinnut" is a brilliant song, and there are others - it's not an album full of hit singles, but full of good, quality songs. *****

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Eetu said:

Fucking brilliant! Best CMX album.

Angel-bounce-machine said:

Hi there Mikko, your comment on commenting left me wondering how to comment on commenting without commenting outside the boundaries you set forth. I suppose that means commenting with a commentarial comment that disavows comments that escape the rules of the comment-class you have set. Maybe you can comment on why you are averse to comments that contradict your comments on music that indeed comments on things in ways that might be similar to the things you disavow. Sometimes that means allowing a "fuck" comment to find a place just as "fuck" comments find their places in songs. Usually "fuck" comments are uninteresting but sometimes they say more than the "fuckhead" who said it intended. With that said, CMX is a great band! Oh, I like your site, too!

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