Cash, Johnny: Murder

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Johnny Cash: MurderCD, Sony Music 2000

Track list: Folsom Prison Blues - Delia's Gone - Mister Garfield - Orleans Parish Prison (live) - When It's Springtime in Alaska (It's Forty Below) - The Sound of Laughter - Cocaine Blues (live) - Hardin Wouldn't Run - The Long Black Veil - Austin Prison - Joe Bean - Going to Memphis - Don't Take Your Guns to Town - Highway Patrolman - Jacob Green - The Wall

I used to say I like everything except country'n'western. Well, here I am, listening to country and enjoying it. Times they are a-changing. Johnny Cash is the man, however, and this collection of songs focused on murder and death is rather interesting and works well with Nick Cave's Murder Ballads. There are few oddball songs, a healthy dose of humour and plenty of death. There's one song that's previously unreleased in the US, so it's probably not the best collection for Cash veterans. Newer devotees with a murderous bent (like me) will, however, enjoy this one. ****

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