Jag Panzer: Decade of the Nail-Spiked Bat

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Jag Panzer: Decade of the Nail-Spiked Bat2xCD, Century Media 2003

Track list: Reign of the Tyrants - Eyes of the Night - The Church - Metal Melts the Ice - Forsaken - Fallen Angel - Battle Zones - Warfare - Tower of Darkness - Licensed to Kill - Generally Hostile - The Watching - She Waits - Edge of Blindness - Spirit Suicide - Iron Shadows - Black Sunday - Symphony of Terror - Death Row - The Crucifix

Jag Panzer hails from Colorado, US but their music is straight from the 80's UK. Heavy metal, in the best British vein. This double album compiles twenty rare and old songs, rerecorded for our listening pleasure. If you're not familiar with Jag Panzer (as I guess many Finnish metal heads aren't) and you like British heavy metal, this album is a good purchase. I suppose Jag Panzer fans will find these songs interesting, especially since they've been rerecorded so the sound quality will beat the bootlegs. ****

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