Invocator: Through the Flesh to the Soul

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Invocator: Through the Flesh to the SoulCD, Scarlet 2003

Track list: Intro - Through the Flesh to the Soul - Writhe in Spit - On My Knees - Flick It On - Infatuated I Am (Speak to Me) - There Is No Savior - The Chemistry of Restlessness - Under the Skin - Fire Cleanses All - Sand Between the Teeth

I used to have one of Invocator's earlier albums, but then I got bored with it and sold it. Their latest album will probably go the same way. It's rough trash metal, allright, but dead boring, really. They've been gone for seven years, but still sound the same as before. This doesn't impress me, but then again, trash metal hasn't been my thing before. It isn't now, either. The album cover is pretty cool, though. **

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jørgen said:

its a great new album. invocator is writing songs now! meaning that the music is played with a massive controle, that leaves every number stand strong and original. expansive melodies and a hammer of power to break your face! this album takes much more attention to enter. A primitive listener will be damned to now only the colours of the cover. but inside there is massive-power. jb.

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