Closterkeller: Nero

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Closterkeller: NeroCD, Metal Mind 2004

Track list: Watching as You Drown - Fight Club - As I Glide - Like Rain Against Stone - Queen - He Comes when the Night Falls - Nero - Mirage - No Matter What Will Be - Amber - Sin - Have You Seen

Closterkeller is apparently the most popular goth band in Poland. Unfortunately, I'm not impressed. The band leader, a striking figure called Anja Orthodox certainly looks good, but unfortunately her personal (read: bad) way of singing leaves me cold. It's a shame, because the song material isn't completely useless. With a somewhat better vocalist, Nero could be a pretty good album. **

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Tim Hall said:

The vocals are much better on the earlier albums sung in Polish. Big problem with the vocals on Nero is that they're too low in the mix, as if she isn't confident in her ability to sing in English.

On albums like "Cyan" and "Graphite", where Anja sings in her native Polish, the vocals are much more upfront and better all round. Not that I understand a word of them...

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