Withering: Gospel of Madness

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Withering: Gospel of MadnessCD, Warhorse Records 2004

Track list: Northern Breeze - Quarrelsome - On Death's Colour - Two Suns - Reborn - Mausoleum - Penance - The Feeble Morning - Anguish of Frustration - Justification for Unavoidable - Not Yet the Last

Gospel of Madness is the debut album of this group founded in 1999. It's a strong, mature debut that promises a lot. Withering's style is melodic death metal, in vein of Tales from the Thousand Lakes from Amorphis but without the synths. The album features nice guitar melodies, grunted vocals and pretty good production (Tico-Tico Studios, which usually means good results). While I'm not completely sold on this, I think it's a good debut and will probably do well amongs the Finnish metal crowd. ***

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Simon said:

My opinion is that this band came to save the day. When Amorphis and Sentenced wimped out and started to play some rock, Withering came and gained the crown as one of the best melodic death metal band. Band has lot to offer now and future. Young guys with lot's of pontetial to succeed. If you like heavy grunts, killer melodic riffs and thunderous drumwork, this your choice.

It's time to go in the roots of Finnish death metal. Try this, it's great shit!!

Adrian said:

This is truly something we all have waited for years. Somethin faded away in the end of the millennium and these last years have been only pathetic try-outs of metal bands'. Withering truly presents what can be done when ties to the selected genre remains pure. I hope we will hear more soon. This is worth buying!

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