Lunaris: Cyclic

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Lunaris: CyclicCD, Elitist Records 2004

Track list: Mendacities of a Corporate Messiah - I.A.D. - Lessons in Futility - Cyclic - Slaves of Opinion - When It Ends - Casualties of Piece - Existence Unveiled - Altruismens Gravol - In Nothing - Mot Natt

Cyclic is an intriguing mix of experimental death and black metal. However, despite it's famous guest stars and innovative style, the album doesn't completely satisfy me. While the basis of the album rests in synth-led black metal, it's still a bit too messy bunch of different influences. Nice, but nothing really exceptional. ***

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Satyr said:

Postmodern black metal. Nothing more, nothing less. I like the style. If you enjoy Borknagar, Arcturus, or similar bands, you will like this as well.

Pedro said:

Hi... well I think i disagree from you :), I believe this album is an autentic masterpiece, it has a fantastic production, music well written, very well composed. And convinced me from the start, It is brutal and melodical and still progressive! it is an amazing album that everyone should listen! One of my favourite albums indeed!

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