Secrets of the Moon: Carved in Stigmata Wounds

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Secrets of the Moon: Carved in Stigmata WoundsCD, Lupus Lounge 2004

Track list: Crowns - Cosmogenesis - Miasma - Psychoccult Hymn - To the Ultimate Embers and Ash - Kaosthrone - Evolution Valour Admission - Epoch - Carved in Stigmata Wounds - Dust

These German occult black metalists were previously unknown to me. I'm glad I found them, because after some deliberation, I've come to realise that Carved in Stigmata Wounds is pretty good album. It's perhaps a bit too long (over 70 minutes), but there are some quite good songs and the rest of it is certainly passable. It's not a masterpiece in avantgarde, but still it's more interesting than your average black metal album. Nice work. ****

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