Pain Of Salvation: 12:5

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Pain Of Salvation: 12:5CD, InsideOut 2004

Track list: Brickwork part 1 (I-V) - Winning a War - Reconciliation - Dryad of the Woods - Oblivion Ocean - Undertow - Chainsling - Brickwork part 2 (VI-X)

12:5 is a live album by the Swedish prog rockers. Their style is definitely progressive, as the songs sternly refuse to take the shortest route from A to B. What I've heard from Jethro Tull sounds quite the same, only better. It's an interesting, longish album, with songs that work together to create a whole larger than the sum of it's parts. However, in the end, something's missing, a bit of personality or something like that. Thus only three stars. ***

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