Maj Karman Kauniit Kuvat: Musta Paraati

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Maj Karman Kauniit Kuvat: Musta paraatiCD, Johanna Kustannus 2004

Track list: Romanssi - Muukalainen - Peilitalo - Ajatus - Metalliset kasvot

Maj Karma pays tribute to the legendary Finnish new wave or goth band Musta paraati by performing five of their songs on this EP. Maj Karma turns out to be just the band to do it, because they do it well. Their versions of the tracks are so good, that I think they just might be better than the originals... But then again, I only got to know Musta paraati few years ago; old time fans will probably prefer the originals. Still, even old time fans of Musta paraati should be able to appreciate these versions. ****

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EvoL said:

Hi...I like this band...even if I heard only few songs from the web I found their sound really cool....unfortunately I cant buy their cd 'cause I dont know where to find it..I should fly to finland buy the cd and go back in would be a pleasure for me ( I LOVE FINLAND!!!)

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