Cruachan: The Middle Kingdom

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Cruachan: The Middle KingdomCD, Karmageddon Media 2004

Track list: A Celtic Mourning - Celtica (Voice of the Morrigan) - The Fianna - A Druids Passing - Is Fuair an Chroi - Cattle Raid of Cooley (táin hó cuailgne) - The Middle Kingdom - Óró sé do Bheatha Abhaile - Unstabled (Steeds of Macha) - The Butterfly

The Middle Kingdom is not suitable for those allergic to bagpipes. Cruachan's celtic folk metal uses them and other more traditional instruments extensively to create a bristling celtic atmosphere. That's quite refreshing, I think and mainly the reason I like the album. It's not particularly heavy, there are some quite atmospheric and moody songs. If you like bagpipes and metal, I'd wager you like Cruachan as well. ****

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