Ewigkeit: Radio Ixtlan

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Ewigkeit: Radio IxtlanCD, Earache 2004

Track list: About time - esc. - PowerPlant - Journey to IXTLAN - Live at Palenque 2012 - Conquer the Fear - Platonic Verses - Strange Volk - The New Way

Ewigkeit, an English - despite the name - one man group mixes solid death and black metal background with lots of different influences: tribal, folk, industrial, psychedelia, industrial, you name it. Result is an interesting concoction that suits my taste almost perfectly. The promo information suggests Radio Ixtlan is a genre-defining work and a possible way forward for the scene - but I disagree. For death metal scene, this is too different. I don't the scene purists will approve. For those who prefer their metal experimental, Radio Ixtlan is a treat. ****

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henrik said:

I also totally agree with this here review. A great album, which although initially is a little strange to the ear, grows and grows and has become a favourite of mine for sure!


Steve said:

This CD is nice. And if you notice, The New Way is a new version of "The Only Way" from Land of Fog.

xavi said:

excellent album, something very different, original, it makes you imagine tales of ixtlan, it would be interesting to read castaneda┬┤s book about ixtlan to see if it mathc with the music...

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