Fu-Tourist: The Universe Is For Us

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Fu-Tourist: The Universe Is For UsCD, Sony Music Entertainment Finland 2002

Track list: Amaze - You Come Alive (Take Control) - Remedy - Night Ride - Ordinary - You Could Be Mine - Big Trouble - The Universe Is For Us - Out of Your Head - New World Stranger - Getting to Know You - King Kong of the Dancefloor

I bought this cd for only 20 cents. That was a no-brainer, King Kong of the Dancefloor is already enough reason to buy this album for such a low price. Unfortunately there isn't much more. Fu-Tourist's style is very French, it reminds me of Air or Daft Punk. Vocoder is a cool effect, but overused like nothing else. There's some of that, hypnotic beats and some 80's sound. All in all, it's a pleasant enough but doesn't really impress. **

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