Lacrimas Profundere: Ave End

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Lacrimas Profundere: Ave EndCD, Napalm Records 2004

Track list: One Hope's Evening - Ave End - To Bleed or not to Be - Sarah Lou - Amber Girl - Testified - Astronautumn - Evade - Wake Down - Black - Come, Solitude

Ave End is an example of elegant gothic rock. The emphasis is slightly more on gothic than rock, but the album is still rather groovy. The vocalist lacks uniqueness, but sounds very good nonetheless. The most obvious problem with the album is the lack of really good songs - there are no instantly recognisable hits and that's a shame, because Ave End would've been a five-star album with even one or two good hits. Now the general mood of the album and the generally good quality of the tracks is quite enough of four stars. ****

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shakey said:


Compliments to you for reviewing this excellent album - Certainly the best I have listened to this year. But dude, this is a rock album. Except for a few moments (the first song), I am just not hearing the goth. These guys rock. And lack of recognizable hits? This album is crammed with them. Practically sounds like a singles collection to me. Oh well, to each his own.

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