Mercenary: 11 Dreams

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Mercenary: 11 DreamsCD, Century Media 2004

Track list: Into the Sea of Dark Desires - World Hate Center - 11 Dreams - reDestructDead - Firesoul - Sharpen the Edges - Supremacy v2.0 - Music Non Stop - Falling - Times without Changes - Loneliness

Mercenary's previous album, Everblack, was a bit of a surprise to me. It came out of nowhere and was bloody good. 11 Dreams is no surprise and manages to stand up to my high expectations. Mercenary still kicks butt, thank you very much. The style is the same: heavy metal, with a very heavy sound and two vocalists. I like it, the whole intensivity of it. A nice bonus is a cover from Kent, Music Non Stop. What a neat choice. ****

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