Cirith Gorgor: Firestorm Apocalypse

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Cirith Gorgor: Firestorm ApocalypseCD, Ketzer Records 2004

Track list: The Gates of Hell - Degeneration of Mankind - Arcane Illusion - Prelude to the Final Holocaust - Fields of Eternal Glory - Perishing Nights - Eternal Damnation - Firestorm Apocalypse: The Coming of a Greater Era

Cirith Gorgor is pure primitive black metal. Firestorm Apocalypse packs almost 60 minutes (a lot, but not too much) of intensive and downright evil music. The songs, while long, manage to keep interest and the album sounds fairly good (except somewhat absent bass). In it's genre, Cirith Gorgor does a good job. Of course, the problem is that the genre - rather extreme black metal - isn't too well-liked. I like it, however, and anyone into old school black metal should enjoy Firestorm Apocalypse as well. ****

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