Theatres des Vampires: Nightbreed of Macabria

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Theatres des Vampires: Nightbreed of MacabriaCD, Blackend 2004

Track list: Welcome to Macabria - A Macabre Banquet - Lady in Black - Angel of Lust - Luciferia - Incubo #1 - Macabria - The Jesters Shadow - The Golden Sin - Carnival Day - Incubo #2 - The Curse of Headless Christ - Mourning Day - The Undertaker & the Crow - The Beginning of the End - La Danse Macabria du Vampire

I don't quite see Blackend as a goth label. Thus, it's no surprise when Theatres des Vampires turns out to be pretty bad... It's something of a hybrid goth metal, but fails as both. The metal parts are worse than average and the goth parts even worse. The vocalists suck and the album's too long, too. There is, indeed, little good in this album. **

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Gene said:

I found it to be a wonderful combination of goth and metal. In fact, I bought this CD at a major goth/vampiric event in So. California. Century media had a booth there and they had a few copies of Nightbreed of Macabria, which sold out rather quickly.

Macabria said:

This album makes a difference from the Typical Black/Goth Metal scene with the use of screechy violins, haunting keyboards and female backing vocals in a somewhat calming manner (I find). I'd say this album is certainly worth buying.

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