Twilight Ophera: The End of Halcyon Age

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Twilight Ophera: The End of Halcyon AgeCD, Low Frequency 2004

Track list: Chaosworm - Trapped in Husk of a White Crow - Bow Before My Dark - The End of Halcyon Age - Pseudogods - Gothic Prelude to Capricious Equanimity - Leperthrone - Cruciferous Lunacy - Paragon of Pregnant Night

Twilight Ophera is already eight years old, but The End of Halcyon Age is just their third album. When the music starts, the sources become fairly obvious: the likes of Dimmu Borgir or Cradle of Filth aren't that far from Twilight Ophera's symphonic black metal. I'm not too keen on this one, but the fans of more symphonic black metal should enjoy. ***

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