Crionics: Armageddon's Evolution

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Crionics: Armageddon's EvolutionCD, Candlelight Records 2005

Track list: Arrival of Non Parallel Aeons - Final Inversion - Armageddon's Evolution - Chant of Rebel Angels (intro) - FFF (Freesing Fields of Infinity) - Xenomorphized Soul Devoured - Disconnected Minds - Celestial Interference - Black Manifest (The Sermon to the Masses) - Dept 666 - The Loss and Curse of Reverence

Crionics, the Emperor of Poland. There's no doubt where these guys get their inspiration from: Armageddon's Evolution is newer Emperor all over again. I'd go as far as call it a pastiche, really. To emphasize the obvious, they've even added a carbon copy cover of The Loss and Curse of Reverence as a bonus track. So - do you like Emperor? If you do, you'll like Crionics. It's that simple. ****

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