Macbeth: Malae Artes

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Macbeth: Malae ArtesCD, Dragonheart 2005

Track list: Nuda veritas - Lifelong Hope - My Desdemona - Miss Murderess - How Can Heaven Love Me - Good Mourning - Henceforth - Keep the Secret - Down-Hearted - Dead and Gone

What a brilliant name gone to waste. Macbeth is a beautiful tragedy, but at least Malae Artes fails to impress me of this Macbeth's quality. Replace the male vocalist Andreas and it would be a notch better, but probably a bit average still. There's a cover of Sarah Brightman's How Can Heaven Love Me, but even that doesn't really stand out from the band's own songs. Fans of bands like Evanescence might get something out of this, I don't. **

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MARY said:

Bought yesterday, it rocks! Better than Evanscence ;))

Hothook said:

Excellent...the album is fuckin' good!

amy said:

Yeah...they rocks

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