PMMP: Kovemmat kädet

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PMMP: Kovemmat kädetCD, Sony BMG 2005

Track list: Kovemmat kädet - Matkalaulu - Oo siellä jossain mun - Päiväkoti - Mummola - Matoja - Auta mua - Onni - Olkaa yksin ja juoskaa karkuun - Maria Magdalena - Salla tahtoo siivet

Something good came out of Finnish Popstars. Paula and Mira met, were eliminated and started their own band. PMMP was responsible for the super-annoying "Rusketusraidat" summer hit, but this new album is something else. It's basically pop rock, but with twists. First of all - Paula is quite clever with her lyrics. The songs have interesting hooks and it seems like every song is imitating some different source. The result is intriguing. I certainly didn't expect anything this good. Amazing. ****

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