Burning Spear: Living Dub, volume two

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Burning Spear: Living Dub, volume twoCD, Burning Music Production 2003

Track list: Dub Don't Cry - Postman Dub - Teacher Dub - Dub Raid Dem - Dub Him - Columbus Dub - Foggy Dub - Dub Follow - Dub Is Good - Civilized Dub - Pieces of Dub - Dub Been There

I got lucky in the Creation Steppin' Internet radio CD giveaway and thus my reggae collection is started. This album is the dub version of Burning Spear's Hail H.I.M. I'm not that into dub, as I like vocals and lyrics, but thanks to the really groovy beats, this dub album works just fine for me. However, I'd sure like to get some non-dub Burning Spear albums. ***

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Tomppa said:

At least these are very much worth checking out: Burning Spear (-73), Rocking Time (-74), Marcus Garvey/Garvey's Ghost (-75, an absolute classic), Spear Burning - Burning Spear Productions 1975-1979 (-01), Creation Rebel - The Original Classic Recordings From Studio One (-04). In fact, all the early stuff is so great... ;-)

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