Page, Nik: Sinmachine

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Page, Nik: SinmachineCD, Wannsee Records 2005

Track list: Herzschlag - Road of Damnation - Dein Kuss - Mysteryland - Black Mail Generation - Sincity - Velvet Sky - Bad Karma - Drop My Guard - Mephisto - Seelenfanger - Sweet Dust

Nik Page cooks up a best-seller mix with a solid base of Sisters of Mercy, an added dash of Rammstein and synthpop, spicing the mix with PVC fashion fetish. And boobs, a big pair of boobs on the cover. Can't fail with a mix like that! Page's goth pop is very commercial, very I've-heard-this-before and very boring, with few exceptions (Dein Kuss). **

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