Månegarm: Vredens Tid

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Månegarm: Vredens TidCD, Displeased Records 2005

Track list: Vid hargen - Sigrblot - Skymningsresa - Kolöga trolltand - Dödens strand - Preludium - Vredens tid - Svunna minnen - Frekastein - Hemfärd - Segervisa

Månegarm's music is metal with folk influences. I like Vredens Tid, it certainly has its moments. Sigrblot, for example, is a pretty fine track. The whole of it isn't quite top-notch, but almost. The folk instruments could stand out a bit more, I think - now they drown under the metal part. Which sounds good, by the way - this is one well-done album and despite my criticism a good choice for someone who's looking for Scandinavian folk metal. ***

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