IC Rex: Sielun kadotuksen sinfonia

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IC Rex: Sielun kadotuksen sinfoniaCD, Hammer of Hate 2005

Track list: Tulikäärmeen kutsu - Luciferin miekka - Tuli kylmästä jäästä - Ikuisen tuskan hybris - Luomattoman jumalan pauloissa - Asura - Kasvotusten absoluutin kanssa

Hammer of Hate is dedicated to releasing new Finnish puritanist underground black metal. IC Rex is a perfect example. Raw black metal with satanic and occult lyrics, played with a burning passion. Instead of having distorted guitars, they have distorted everything - their sound is leaning towards noise. This is clearly extreme music for extreme people. My first reaction was dismissal, but after some time it all came to me: yes, this is perfectly evil. The album sounds absolutely cruel and violent, which is exactly what's right for this kind of music. This is definitely not for everyone, but for fans of raw underground black metal, Sielun kadotuksen sinfonia is a perfect choice. ****

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