Luna Ad Noctum: The Perfect Evil in Mortal

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Luna Ad Noctum: The Perfect Evil in MortalCD, Metal Mind Records 2006

Track list: Phantoms ov Wrath (Intro) - The Perfect Evil in Mortal - Diablex Virus - Devilrising Impact - Humana Androide - Deviante Obscurante - Deceptive Fatality - Dimness in Me - Loneliness Ruined My Life

Polish Luna Ad Noctum plays fairly aggressive black metal in the style of Dimmu Borgir, Old Man's Child and Cradle of Filth. While their style isn't the most unique, it's still fresh enough so that I wouldn't necessarily label them as another clone band. There's some good energy here. However, the tracks are pretty bland, mostly - not enough hooks. Still; if you're fan of Dimmu Borgir, check this out. ***

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JorkkiWolf said:

Pretty good songs from this band, I should say after now when I have listened 2 songs from this album and other 2 songs from the recent album. So, DB and COF has now 1 new good student which maybe will conquer them all one day...

Anonymous said:

luna ad noctum is good but would be even more good if they can be more black.

Austin said:

Cradle of Filth are not blackmetal! they are gothic metal now

and plus i think Luna Ad Noctum is riviling Dimmu Borgir, if Luna Ad Noctum can make tracks that stand out majorly then they would rule more

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