Manticora: The Black Circus - Part 1 - The Letters

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Manticora: The Black Circus - Part 1 - The LettersCD, Massacre Records 2006

Track list: Enter The Carnival - The Black Circus - Intuneric I - Enchanted Mind - Intuneric II - Forever Carousel - Freakshow - Gypsies' Dance Part 1 - Intuneric III - Wisdom - Intuneric IV - Disciples Of The Entities

Manticora's main idea is to create concept albums based on literature. They've used science fiction before; now it's H.P. Lovecraft. I didn't realize the connection until I read about it elsewhere; it isn't that obvious. The music is raunchy power metal, but at least with some unique touch. I don't care much about most power metal, but this was definitely more inspiring than it usually is. So, not a bad album at all. ****

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