Candlemass: Nightfall

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Candlemass: Nightfall

MP3, Peaceville Records

Track list: Gothic Stone - The Well of Souls - Codex Gigas - At the Gallows End - Samarithan - Marche Funebre - Dark Are the Veils of Death - Mourner's Lament - Bewitched - Black Candles - Bewitched (demo) - Battle Cry (demo) - The Well of Souls (live) - Dark Are the Veils of Death (live) - At the Gallows End (studio outtake) - Mourner's Lament (studio outtake) - Interview

On Nightfall, Candlemass perfected their recipe of delicious doom metal: Messiah Marcolin is one damn good vocalist. His theatrical and dramatic style fits perfectly to Candlemass's heavy doom stylings. The song-writing on this album is top-notch: The Well of Souls, At the Gallows End, Samarithan, and Bewitched all are classic tracks with lasting power.

This is one of those classic albums that all metal fans should know and all doom metal fans should definitely own. *****

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