Games keep coming in

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Last Friday I got my copies of Finstere Flure and Attika. I already played Finstere Flure with Johanna. It supports two players officially, but I thought it'd be more interesting if we both played two teams. It was good, light fun and Johanna seemed to enjoy it (though she lost; had she won the game, she would've loved it, I'm sure!).

I also got a copy of Cranium. I got a press release from them four weeks ago and thought "what the heck, let's try them". The press release promised review copies for those who request them and that's what I did. Yesterday the game was delivered to me. Neat. Pity it's in English, though - it's definitely a game which I'd like to have as Finnish edition. The game has pretty bad reputation, but to me it seems like a fairly typical party game. And while it's far from unique, I like the way it mixes different party game mechanics together.

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shang said:

Regarding your Attika rules translation and the new settlement cost. It might be better to be explicit about the fact that the extra cost for the new settlement is in resource _cards_ and not simply resources.

Just wanted to point this out, since I played it wrong the first time. :)

Mikko said:

Well well, you always learn something new. I'll have to fix the rules, then. Thanks!

Mark Johnson said:

Hey, I like the new graphic 'gameblog' at the top of your page.

(My own weblog is suffering from technical difficulties. :-( )

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